Closing Process


What Does “Closing on Your House” Mean?

We can handle any FLORIDA real estate transaction from residential and commercial sales to new construction, refinances, investment properties and foreclosures. The selling process is so different from buying and we will walk you through it. We know your choice of where to close is not to be taken lightly and we consider it an honor when you choose Genesis Land & Title.


You deserve to work with professionals who communicate during the process. Finding the house of your dreams is no easy job, and we have a solid team get you to the closing table, as promised. We will work with you, your Realtor and Lender—YOUR TEAM–to stay laser focused on your closing date. Your contract is our guiding document and all closing contingencies, if any, must be met. Some transactions encounter delays or some type of hang-up before closing. Be prepared to provide information and updates throughout the process and know we will do everything we can to help you navigate these rough spots. Closing is the final step—when you become the legal owner of your new home.


IF YOU ARE BRINGING FUNDS TO CLOSING, you may wire them or provide a certified or cashier’s check made payable to GENESIS LAND & TITLE. Wiring Instructions will be securely provided directly to the client ONLY. Any changes from the original instructions will require proof of identity.

First Time Home Buyers

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client fall in love with their first home! We know what it takes to make this happen on the closing side and we will make the closing extra special!


Selling your home and moving is a BIG DEAL, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Work with an agent you can trust to set a competitive price based on recent sales in your area. Trust us, working with a great REALTOR helps you get the most money for your home. Once you have a buyer, there’s still a lot to do, and remain flexible, because delays can, and will happen. If your buyers are getting a mortgage, the closing date is dependent on their financing. Home Inspection or Appraisal issues can also cause delays.

Once we receive your contract, we will immediately order a TITLE SEARCH, which is a review of public records. If there are any claims or judgments against the property, this search should uncover them and they will have to be cleared prior to closing, including any mortgages or liens against the property. Title Insurance helps protect against past events affecting your home and is considered a closing cost. The closing date is when the sale is officially completed, and you will sign a deed to the property over to the buyer. Once all paperwork is signed and funds have been disbursed, the buyer is officially the new owner of the property.

PLEASE BRING A DRIVER’S LICENSE OR OTHER GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID TO CLOSING. You will also bring keys to the property, garage door openers and any additional paperwork requested by Genesis Land & Title or your REALTOR. If you would like your funds wired, please provide wiring instructions, otherwise, a check will be provided.


Closing on your refinance is a very similar process to when you initially closed on your home. You have the benefit of experience and should not be hit with any surprises. At the closing, it will be the borrowers and a closing agent. You’ll be asked to review and sign all documents, and when everything is completed, you’ll leave with a new loan.

PLEASE BRING A DRIVER’S LICENSE OR OTHER GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID TO CLOSING. You will also need a cashier’s check or wire transfer to pay outstanding items or closing costs that aren’t rolled into the loan.